SCRUM and Kanban

Last reviewed 23 Aug 2018 by Crispin Read


We'll take a look at two of the most popular agile frameworks used in web development.

Why this is important

Most teams use takeouts and methods form these two frameworks. It is important to understand how they work independently and the pros and cons of each.


At the end of this training you will be able to:

  1. Quickly plan a project using agile planning techniques
  2. Understand the roles in a SCRUM team
  3. Use a Kanban board to plan and run a project

Learner Requirements

  1. An understanding of Agile methodologies and principles


  1. Recap of Agile principles
  2. SCRUM roles
  3. Kanban
  4. Activity: SCRUM Lego citadel


During Training

  1. Plan and build Lego Citadel to project brief

After Training

  1. Use agile planning to create a plan for your project

Resources / Reference

  1. Session Slides on Google Drive
  2. 3 Differences between Scrum and Kanban
  3. Deffinition of done
  4. INVEST acronym - Creating a good user story
  5. Scrum framework and glossary
  6. Quick Guide to Scrum Methodology
  7. Scrum with Trello